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Almost over a year from last post but things have moved on, rather through ups and downs but still moving. At least now there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Feedback has been great, especially that it is so compact and that time compensation on C-41 will eliminate the current problem of managing chemical temperature.  

First thing to mention I got to the business incubator with the AGO project in September. They are quite useful as I can get specific mentoring on different topics needed and I have a personal advisor with whom we have made quite a lot of progress already.

Medium term goal is to organize a crowdfunding campaign but to do it successfully I will start at first small batch production in coming months. Only difference compared to large scale production is that plastic parts will be 3D printed (MJF or FDM). Electronics and other components still will be bought through the same vendors. 

Small patch production will give us three things. 1. To validate and improve the product on a much smaller scale and if there are some changes to be made we can manage it much better. 2. To widen our follower base and show to clients that the product is good. 3. To start earning some profit to even make a crowdfunding campaigne. 

On the development side I have made some changes from the feedback. The biggest changes on the physical side are that the new model dont have a tiltable user interface(UI). Insted fixed 30° angled UI- it is quite handy and doesn’t compromise usability of the device … a bit overthinking from the start on my side. For most it simplifies the device so it is cheaper and easier to manufacture. 

And I swapped the motor for a bigger one. The biggest concerns were the noise of small motors and potential lack of power with bigger Paterson developing tanks. At first it seemed a bit too big but I think it doesn’t look bad. At least now the sound isn’t annoying and you can run it in your fancy Paris apartment while drinking tea with your girlfriend. This change also brought up the need to redesign PCB boards on what we are currently working at.

Time compensation is also done now on B&W and C-41 Tetanal. I have developed quite many rolls and results are spot on for both processes. One C-41 test you can see below, chemical temperature was 32 degrees, exposure and color seems spot on. 

So at a moment I wait until the new electronics design is ready, then we can move on to construct hopefully for the most part the final design of this product and start selling it. At the same time I´ll start with promotional work, some Facebook and Instagram content. And looking for funds to pull it all through on a bit bigger scale.

If you are interested in getting first AGO to your disposal or are interested in supporting the project hit me up. info@vintagevisual.eu

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AGO evolution from right to left

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  1. Terrific idea. The only weak point I see is the watertight connection between AGO and the Paterson tank.

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